The Lost Vampire

His mind has forgotten her… but his body remembers.

Aaron can’t trust the human doctor. He knows she’s keeping secrets. He’s sure she’s part of the hunter plot that brought him down, but the only way to get the truth is to trick it from her own lips.

He’ll seduce the truth out of her.

Someone’s going to get hurt, he’s sure it won’t be him. But her scent is distracting, her direct gaze sees right through him and her touch only makes him hunger for more. He’s missing something important, but she won’t tell.

Aisha is mourning the vampire she loved. Aaron’s touch still makes her heart sing, his presence electrifies her, but his heart is no longer hers. Aisha throws herself into a desperate fight against the hunters to try and drown her painful loss.

But the bond between them won’t be denied, and the truth will be dragged into the light.