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He tasted her blood, now he can’t get her out of his mind.

His mind barely healed, vampire warrior Markus is on the run from the hunters that trapped and tortured him. He knows he should stay far away from the gentle human whose blood healed him, but he can’t tear himself away.

Sadie makes his blood sing. She wakes ancient protective instincts he’s powerless to control. Terrified the hunters will come after her too, he watches from the shadows. When an evil curse traps her in a living hell, Markus has no choice but to follow her into the nightmare.

Sadie has never trusted another person with the truth of who she is, what she can do. Finally reunited with the wildly seductive vampire who ensnared her every thought, she has to use her power to free them both, but if she does, she’s afraid Markus will reject her, forever.

Find out how Lucian and Aaron became vampires…

Welcome to the Bloodline Vampires, a warrior brotherhood of dark, dangerous and deadly vampires who will stop at nothing to protect their fated mates.

Lucian is a soldier hard on the heels of a supernatural killer. With his best friend Aaron by his side, he knows they can track this monster, but can they kill it?

Late at night a mysterious warrior approaches their fire, he’s tracking the same killer they are and he offers them his help.

Lucian and Aaron are given a choice, they can live their lives as men, or join Kostis and become Bloodline Vampires.