A Bloodline Vampires Short Story

By L. J. Red

Sparrow turned the last clean pot upside down on the rack. “That’s the last one, Cassie,” she called over her shoulder, stepping away from the sink. The shelter’s kitchen was quiet now after the dinner rush. Most of the other volunteers had already gone home. It was just her and Cassie left to finish up.

“Thanks, Sparrow,” Cassie said, poking her head around the kitchen door. “If you come out, I can lock up.”

Sparrow left the kitchen, grabbing her bag and jacket from the locker room.

She had never expected to be on this side of the shelter’s canteen. She’d been here enough times when she was living on the streets, grateful for the hot meal and the roof over her head, but it was a very different experience being one of the volunteers in the position to help out the people who came here.

She liked the sense of community, and she was glad Brigit had suggested it when she had mentioned to her at the previous Sanctuary dinner that she was feeling a little aimless and unsure what to do now that everything was over.

She had spent so long on the streets it still felt unfamiliar to wake up in the same place warm and dry. Of course, that wasn’t the only thing that was unfamiliar, waking up next to Jacob, her vampire warrior soulmate, was something she was never going to give up. But it made her feel good to be able to give back a little to the people who had helped her when she needed it most. Like Cassie, the woman who ran the shelter, who always had a smile and a moment to spend cheering up people’s lives.

“Thanks for the last-minute cover, Sparrow. I must say, it’s pretty good having a vampire on staff. You guys don’t have a problem with the night shift.”

Sparrow laughed. “No, the opposite, in fact. You’re not gonna find me out here in the middle of the day.”

Cassie grinned and pulled the door shut behind them. “Right then, I guess I’ll see you next week?” She raised her eyes from the lock. “You okay getting home?”

“Yeah,” Sparrow said, searching the lot and seeing the dark shape of Jacob’s car at the far end. “I’m good.” She waved to Cassie and headed over to him.

Jacob was leaned back against his car, wearing a dark suit, mixing in with the shadows as usual, but Sparrow had no problem picking him out. Perhaps it was her vampire eyesight. Perhaps it was because she was familiar with him. But she thought secretly it was because he was her soulmate and she would know him anywhere.

“You weren’t waiting long were you?” He shook his head. She had told him she was happy to learn how to drive and start taking herself back and forth, but he had insisted on picking her up and dropping her off. She thought she should feel stifled by it, but it was so new to have someone who cared for her enough to do that that instead, she found it kind of comforting.

“Long night?”

She nodded, sighing. She was looking forward to getting back home.

Jacob stopped her before she could get in the car and pulled her back from the door. “I have something for you,” he said.

“Oh, you don’t have to—”

“I know, but… It’s been a month since we claimed the soulmate bond and I didn’t know if you wanted to mark it or not.”

She understood why he felt conflicted. The soulmate bond was a celebration of everything she felt for Jacob, but it had all been tied up in the final fight against Roman, which had been more than a little traumatic. “Still, I saw these and I thought…” He held out a little jewelry box with a shrug.

Sparrow gasped. She had spent so long living alone and without any kind of luxury, the thought of presents simply didn’t enter into her mind. She took the box hesitantly and opened it up. Inside, she found two tiny amber star earrings. “They go with my…” She brought a hand up to her amber necklace, the one her mother had given her.

“Yes,” Jacob said. “I saw them in the shop and I just couldn’t leave them, but if you don’t like them we can—”

She snapped the box closed. “Jacob, I love them,” she said, hugging him tightly. “They’re beautiful. Thank you.”

“They don’t shine nearly as brightly as you do.” He grinned.

Sparrow couldn’t help herself from laughing. Jacob mock snarled at her. “Are you insulting me?” he asked.

“Sorry.” Sparrow shrugged, dancing out of his grip. “That was pretty cheesy, and I gotta call it like I see it.”

He growled and lunged at her, and Sparrow squeaked, running away but only getting a half step before Jacob had her in his grip. Sparrow pushed against his arm, delighting in the fact that it didn’t move, that his muscles were rock-hard and that he was surrounding her, gripping tightly like he would never let her go.

“You’re mine,” he said roughly into her ear and dropped his head to leave a line of kisses along her neck.

Sparrow gasped, her breath coming short. “Yes,” she said, pressing back into him and feeling his body beginning to react to hers. “And you’re mine,” she growled, her fangs coming into her mouth. Turning to face him, she kissed him, arching up. Their tongues tangling, lips sliding against each as the kiss turned hungry. “We should—” She gasped for breath, pulling back. “We shouldn’t do this here,”

Jacob slid his hands around her waist. “Not out here, but… the car has tinted windows,” he said with a suggestive grin.

Sparrow opened her eyes wide. “Seriously?”

Jacob just pulled her into the back seat. The car was bigger than the usual one he took from the Sanctuary garage to meet her, and Sparrow realized she had been outplayed.

“You were planning this,” she said, mock angry.

“You got me,” Jacob said with a grin. Sparrow lay back on the seat and dragged him up over her. “Yeah,” she said, her knees slipping open and his body fitting between hers. “I’ve got you right where I want you.”

Jacob brushed his hands up her sides, his palms warm, and tugged her t-shirt up with them, pulling it up but not entirely over her arms. He left it tangled around her wrists and settled on top of her, pinning her beneath him

Sparrow shivered, a kind of tension like fear, but not really afraid, more thrilled at his body over hers. He grinned darkly down at her and she shivered to see the promise in his eyes. “Up,” he urged, and she lifted her legs, letting him shimmy her pants down and kick them off somewhere in the footwell. His pants soon followed and she had to catch her breath, lip between her teeth, as his thick length brushed between her thighs.

She wanted him, wanted to feel all of him inside her, fuck, she ached for it. She rocked up against him, trying to reach, but he pinned her arms down again, holding her there. She struggled against his grip, but he bracketed her body, kept her down. She pushed against his grip, thrilled that, despite her vampiric strength, she couldn’t break free. His eyes darkened with lust. “You better stop wriggling.”

“Or what?” she said breathily, looking up at him from under her lashes. His eyes flashed and he leaned down, pressed his lips against her neck, and inhaled deeply. Sparrow’s eyelids fell to half-mast. His breath against her throat, the slide of his lips, the pressure of his fangs.

“Yes,” she moaned, “do it.”

He bit down and pain turned quickly to molten pleasure as the dazing glory of the bite soaked through her limbs, her body, pooling in her core. So hot, so wet for him. She wrapped her legs around his torso, pressing against his hard shaft, desperate to feel it inside her. Her fangs ached and desire burned through her. Jacob lifted his fangs from her neck with a low growl and reached between their bodies, his fingers between her legs, slick heat and a delightful burn.

Not enough, more, she needed more. She thrust up into him and he gripped her tightly, then pushed into her. She cried out at the feel of him inside her. So good. They rocked against one another, pleasure shifting back and forth through the wide-open soulmate bond, looping and thickening and pulling taut.

He drove her higher and higher, her nerves alight with exhilaration. She was drowning in pleasure. Her body trembled with need. “Almost,” he crooned, catching her eyes, glazed with pleasure. His body tense above hers and his touch seemed to reach down and ignite her soul. She couldn’t contain the pleasure building within her and it finally broke, crackling down the bond, catching fire, her orgasm exploding through them both, their bodies shaking, the entire car rocking with the force of it.

Sparrow clutched Jacob through the aftershocks, their bodies tangled, their breath coming in exhausted pants. She finally sagged back against the backseat. The windows were fogged, and she hoped the car’s suspension could deal with that, because, holy shit, the second she had her breath back, they were doing it all over again.

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