A Bloodline Vampires Short Story

By L. J. Red

Brigit dialed down the speed on the treadmill, panting and wiping the sweat from her forehead. Having a state-of-the-art gym in the basement of the Sanctuary was a luxury she was starting to appreciate. But it meant she had no excuse for slacking off. She’d gotten a bit lazy about keeping up her routine. Time to fix that. She stepped down from the machine and swigged down some water. The sound of the gym door opening echoed through the space. It was early evening, sun only just down. Who would be coming here so early? she wondered. Then, a moment later, the answer made itself clear to her as the bond between her and Rune bloomed to life.

Of course it was him. Rune rounded the corner and Brigit couldn’t hold back a wave of pure joy at the sight of him. She couldn’t imagine how she had found him imposing before. Sure, he had that long, wicked scar, the chiseled bone structure, the muscles upon muscles. But when his smile lit up his blue eyes all she could think was, Mine. The ripple of possession rushed back across the bond and she knew he was thinking the same thing.

“Hello, handsome,” she said when he was close.

“Brigit,” he said. “I sensed you arrive in my sleep.”

She grinned. “Yeah, I’ve been here a while. I realized I had neglected the gym for too long.”

“You can come here whenever you like.”

“I know.” She smiled. “Don’t worry. Just because I don’t live here full-time doesn’t mean I’m gonna stay away. Hell, you’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

“I don’t want to be rid of you.” He gathered her into his embrace. “I want you with me always,”

“I was teasing,” she said. But she felt a little bad. She’d realized in the weeks since they claimed the bond that Rune took some things literally. She thought it was a language thing more than anything else. Turned out Rune hadn’t had much practice talking with modern humans. Well, she would fix that; she and her family would at any rate.

Rune’s hand slipped down to cradle her ass and her thoughts about family slipped away.

“We shouldn’t, not here,” she said, shifting back, “Anyone could come in.”

“I need you,” Rune groaned, and Brigit felt the weight of his desire beneath the bond. It was thrilling to know she was so desired, and she let her own barriers fall, letting Rune know exactly how much she wanted him back.

“You will have to be quiet.” He grinned wickedly down at her and ran his hands up her chest, across her sports bra, his thick warm palms against her hardening nipples. Any protest she would have made was drowned in a wave of pleasure as her nipples tightened and her body pulled taut. Okay, they were doing this.

“Fuck.” She arched against him, pressing her breasts into his hands, pressing her body against his, feeling his hardness, thick and ready for her. It made her muscles clench, a bolt of arousal shooting straight through her. She still couldn’t believe he was all for her. Every last glorious inch of him.

Rune spun them until they were pressed against the wall and shoved her pants down. She kicked them off one foot, and then the next, hopping on one leg for a moment. She heard Rune laughing. And finally flung them free, turning back to him. “Hey, you want to get some or not?” She put her hands on her naked hips.

“Definitely.” He crossed to her, arms round her waist to curve round her bare ass, hiking her legs up around his waist. He pulled himself free, his thick length hot and hard against the juncture of her legs. Fuck yes, she needed him inside her, needed to feel him all the way inside. He drove her out of her mind; the way she reacted to him, it was like nothing else. She gripped him around his shoulders, urging him closer. “No, now, I need you now,” she whispered, pressing her mouth to his jaw, to the corner of his mouth. She could feel the pressure of his fangs under her lips and it sent another thrill through her. Reminded her he was more than human; he was her vampire.

Quickly, frantically, with movements choked by lust, they joined, Rune thrusting hard inside and starting a heavy, relentless pace. The bond opened wide between them and pleasure looped over and over, stronger with every thrust. She clutched him close, urged him faster, deeper. Brigit surrendered to the sensation running within her and her climax washed over her, pleasure powerfully rippling through her body in one glorious flood.

She sagged back, totally exhausted, and dragged her eyes open. “That was some workout,” she said. “Pretty sure I’m back on track.”

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