A Bloodline Vampires Short Story

By L. J. Red

“You’re going to lose your eyesight, staring at those books all night,” Talon said from the doorway. Eden looked up from the stack of textbooks she was studying

“Dr. Patil wants me to memorize the rest of this chapter by tomorrow,” she said

“Dr. Patil is clearly evil,” Talon said, striding forward.

“She isn’t,” Eden laughed. “She just has…”—Eden shrugged—”maybe slightly unrealistic ideas of how much reading a normal person can do in one night.”

“But you’re enjoying it?” he asked, looking down at her.

“Oh yes,” Eden said, smiling. “It’s unbelievable. The similarities between humans and vampires are obvious, but the changes in the biological makeup are just fascinating. Did you know that the—” She broke off, seeing Talon’s eyes already glazing over. “And you don’t care,” she said

“No, no, I do,” Talon said. She looked at him skeptically.

“Ok, fine. I’m happy that you’re following your passion, but I think I’ll leave the patching up of the bodies to you. I’m much better at the cutting them up part of the equation.”

Eden was surprised into a laugh at the dark humor. “Who would have thought that I would end up soulmate to an assassin, of all people.”

“On the contrary,” Talon said, “I think it’s very useful. After all, I can give you an everlasting canvas to practice your medicine on.”

“You better not,” Eden growled. “I don’t like having to patch you up.”

“Oh no?” he said. “Next time, I’ll go into battle in full armor, perhaps chain mail like the knights of old.”

Eden glared up at him. feigning anger. “You’re distracting me.”

“Distracting you?” Talon grinned, his eyes glinting. “Oh no, I don’t think I’m distracting you at all… yet.” He trailed his fingers along her upper arm. “…but give me time.”

Eden glanced remorsefully at the textbooks. She really should continue studying but… she could always tell Dr. Patil she had been called away on an important Shadow mission with Talon. Yes, that was looking more and more inviting as Talon walked backwards, tugging her after him towards the bed. A super important mission.

At least the ‘with Talon’ part of it would be true.

Talon used his vampire speed to spin them through the air, and she landed on the bed with a bounce. Talon crouched over her. “Well hello, my little medic.”

Eden laughed. “I’m not exactly little,” she said, wrapping her long legs around his waist.

Talon leaned in to whisper in her ear. “Neither am I” he said, rolling his hips against hers so she could feel the undeniable hardness against the juncture of her thighs, the thick length of him lending the obvious truth to his words. She laughed breathlessly as desire rose up within her. Talon’s answering desire flooded the bond, as he nipped at the skin of her neck, dropping tiny, nibbling kisses across her skin. He drew her shirt up and over her head.

Refusing to be outpaced, she gripped his shirt and tore roughly, ripping it off him, buttons flying.

“Hey, I liked that shirt,” he mock growled.

She grinned. “I’ll buy you a new one,” she laughed, and ran her hands up his hard chest, glorying in the firmness of his muscles under her hands. Claws appeared at her fingertips and she trailed them over his shoulders, pressing in with surprise when he rolled suddenly, his hard shaft pressing between her legs. The air left her body in a whoosh. Talon grinned down at her, and with clever, quick fingers, he unzipped her pants, drawing teasing circles over the soft skin of her thigh as he distracted her with hot, heavy kisses. Smoldering desire raged through her, a smoky, delicious burn starting deep in her core as his fingers teased closer and closer. Eden gripped him tightly, running her hand up his neck and turning his face to hers, catching his lips in a slick, deep kiss. She twisted her hips, trying to get some friction, some release, from the arousal rising within her, but he angled his hips away, laughing into the kiss, torturing her with his teasing.

“Not yet, you wanton thing.”

She growled and scraped her claws down his back hard enough to leave faint red lines in their wake. “I need you inside me,” she moaned, catching his eyes.

“Not yet,” he crooned, his fingers straying closer, closer, to her core, finally parting her slick folds and teasingly gliding into her core.

Fuck. She needed it, needed to feel him inside her, and she gripped him to her, her fangs sliding into her mouth, her head thrown back against the pillows. “Yes, that’s it, feel it run through you,” he murmured, folding and layering their desire in the bond, reflecting it back until it grew and grew. She cried out as he finally thrust his fingers inside her, deep and slick, scissoring them wide, stretching her out with a delicious opening stretch that she felt right through her. She shuddered underneath him, his thumb flicking at the nub of pleasure between her legs. Eden moaned, grinding down against his palm, panting, writhing against the sheets as he thrust his fingers inside her, quicker and quicker. She clawed at his back, losing herself in the sensation.

Talon laid hot, open-mouthed kisses on her neck, and she felt the pressure of his fangs as he drove her higher with his fingers moving furiously between her legs. So close, so close, and then finally, at the last moment, he bit down, his fangs penetrating her skin as her body convulsed around his fingers, gripping tightly, squeezing and convulsing with pleasure.

She was shaking, trembling with it, waves flowing through her over and over, from her core, through her body. Her pulse and every heavy beat of blood echoing through the bond, an endless feedback loop of pleasure that wrung her out until she could barely think.

Finally, he drew his fangs from her neck, licking softly at the wound to catch the last trail of blood, his lips reds with it. She moaned softly and curled into him, still gasping for breath, her limbs heavy with sated pleasure. Talon wrapped himself around her, drawing her close, kissing her softly, the taste of her blood still on his lips. It sent a thrill through her—their shared blood. The same Shadow blood in Talon’s veins and in hers. Deep below the thrumming, heady soulmate bond, so tight and full with love, she felt the steady awareness of her Bloodline stretching out from them both. A solid rush of belonging that carried her up and into the dreamy darkness.

She was home.

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