A Bloodline Vampires Short Story

By L. J. Red

May turned the key in Chad’s apartment door. For once the apartment inside seemed empty and she strode in. She went straight into the bedroom and tugged down the suitcase from the top of the wardrobe, throwing it onto the bed and pulling it open. She made quick work pulling her clothes out of the wardrobe and flinging them into the suitcase. She didn’t want to spend any more time in this place than she had to, and it didn’t take her long to gather up her meager possessions and pack them away.

She had almost decided to forget everything and leave it here, not wanting to return. Then she realized that was foolish. This apartment could do nothing to her. The memories of this place were already fading away. They couldn’t hurt her anymore. She had a real home now at the Sanctuary and a real family in the Shadows. More than that, she had Neal. She felt their bond within her chest, a solid sense of security and home.

“Oh, so you finally came crawling back,” she heard Chad’s voice behind her and sighed in annoyance. She faced him and stared. She couldn’t believe that she had thought herself in love with this weak-willed human. His florid face stared at her; his dark little eyes scrunched up in anger. “I suppose you want me to take you back,” he said with a smirk and stepped into the room.

May rolled her eyes. “No,” she said firmly. “Can’t you see?” she pointed at the bag. “I’m taking my things and I’m leaving.”

“Taking your things,” Chad said, his eyes opening wide, “hey, I already told you, this apartment is mine. You don’t own–“

May snapped the suitcase closed with a bang, cutting him off. “Oh, so you’re going to try and pretend that you are the one who bought these dresses? Really, Chad?” She said, “I didn’t know you were that kinky.”

He glared at her and strode quickly forwards, trying to shove her against the bed. She planted her feet, using her vampire strength, making his attempt useless. He frowned down at his hand as if not understanding why she didn’t move, then he gripped her instead.

“Don’t be such a bitch, May,” he said, “come on, I know why you’re really here, I’ll give you a good time.” And he leaned forwards, his wet lips coming close to May’s face. May’s eyes flashed and she snarled, her fangs sinking into her mouth as she twisted and slammed him against the wall hard enough to make the furniture in the room shake. His eyes stretched wide and he trembled under her grip as he took in her new fangs.

“No,” she said, “I don’t think so. I don’t want you.” She smiled sweetly. “You see, you were just a stand-in boyfriend, but I know what I really want now. A real partner who values me for who I am. Why don’t you go running back to your little blonde, whatever her name was.” She shoved him away from her, towards the bedroom door. He sprinted down the hallway, and she heard his footsteps stop abruptly.

May frowned, then realizing what the absence of noise meant, she grabbed her bag and followed Chad out of the hallway to see him cowering against the wall, staring up at Neal, who was standing on the threshold.

“I thought I asked you to wait in the car,” she said.

“I thought you might need a hand,” Neal replied, and he took the bag from her.

“I’m fine. It was only one bag,” she said, not even sparing a glance at Chad as she walked past him.

Neal grinned down at her, his fangs flashing as his eyes slid to the whimpering mess of her ex-boyfriend in the hallway. “And who is this?” he said. May heard the violent rumble under his voice. Neal had overheard their conversation and he was not happy. She glanced down at Chad who was whimpering in fear. May looked back at Neal, taking him all in with the new leather jacket stretched over his shoulders, his fangs out, his green eyes dark with barely restrained violence, his deep, accented voice that still made her shiver with lust whenever she heard it. There was simply no comparison between them. Chad just wasn’t worth it. She didn’t even hate him; he was just nothing to her.

She caught Neal’s eyes, looking into them deeply and seriously, “Let’s go.”

She strode away towards the elevator, and after a moment Neal followed her. May felt a shred of tension release. She didn’t want Neal to get in trouble for attacking a human, after all. Even if it was one as useless as Chad.

She pressed the button for the elevator and stepped inside, catching sight of Chad’s cowering frame in the doorway before the elevator doors pulled shut and masked him from view. Hopefully forever. She never wanted to come back here. Neal dropped the bag, pressing her against the corner of the elevator and kissing her hungrily. She gasped at the wave of lust unleashed between them, and gave herself over to it, her fangs lengthening in her mouth meeting his as their tongues tangled, catching at his lip. His blood, glorious salt, and life spread against her lips. She trailed bloody kisses down his neck and bit deeply at the same time as he bit into her. Blood flowed between them both, the pleasure of the bite looping back and curling around them, firing it higher and higher.

His fingers pressed against her fly, unbuckling her pants. “Neal.” She lifted her fangs from his neck. “Right here?”

“I want you, want to see you lose yourself,” he said, and the intensity in his voice was so violent, May’s knees went weak. Neal caught her, shoving her pants down and lifting her up, pinning her against the wall. He thrust his fingers inside her, twisting gloriously, sliding them in and out as she got more and more turned on. She rocked into his grip, unable to contain her moans as his clever fingers coaxed her higher, sending her into a violent climax, pleasure shattering over her, running through her veins, mingling with the pleasure of the bite until she sagged bonelessly against the wall, panting at the force of it.

The doors hadn’t opened and she couldn’t hear the engine of the elevator. She blinked in surprise. Neal had slammed the emergency stop button. The elevator wasn’t moving. May stared up at Neal, her legs feeling boneless and he grinned down at her with that undeniable look of male satisfaction. “In the elevator,” May said breathlessly, “really?”

Neal shrugged, “I could’na wait,” he said, looking down at her.

He licked a streak of blood off his bottom lip. The sight drew a hot line of arousal straight to her core. She couldn’t believe she was already getting aroused after coming so hard, only moments ago. “We should go,” she said seriously.

Neal’s eyes widened in concern, “Why? I did’nae hurt you?” he asked.

She gripped his hips and pressed herself to him, arching up so that her breasts pressed against his hard chest. “Because I want you,” she moaned, “every way possible, and, fun as this was, we have a real bed back in the Sanctuary.”

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