A Bloodline Vampires Short Story

By L. J. Red

Dana drifted through room after room, exploring the Sanctuary and reveling in her new vampire senses. The complex was vast, even bigger than she’d realized, so she decided to limit herself to just the main house. She drifted through the public rooms on the first floor, the grand ballroom with its glittering chandeliers, dark now, the room silent. She remembered what it had been like filled with dancing and the cold glittering laughter of the vampires.

She shivered. Things would change. Dana could already feel the difference in the building, now that it was filled only with Shadows and those loyal to them. There was a warmth in the halls that had been missing, a sense of family, a sense of home.

She passed by the library, not looking in, not wanting to be reminded of the court case and the trial. There were still rumblings among the vampires of the city, and she knew the Shadows’ place in the new hierarchy of vampires was not yet secure. But now was not the time to be worrying about that, she thought, now was the time to explore and to familiarize herself with her new home.

She was already learning so much, testing her strength in the gym against Lucian. She was nowhere near his strength or speed, of course, but she was thrilled with the improvement from when she was a human. She could move so much faster now; her limbs were so much stronger. She almost didn’t recognize herself. Sometimes it scared her, these changes she was going through.

She turned down a darkened hallway and tried the handle of the door at the end of it. It turned stiffly and she pushed the door open, walking into a long rectangular room with tall windows and red velvet curtains were drawn across them. She walked slowly to a window and pulled the curtain across, letting in the faint light from the streetlamps down on the street and the glow from a city that never slept.

That was one thing she had not yet gotten used to, the loss of daylight. It was not forever. She knew this. Once her body was more adapted to the change, she would be able to go out in the day without feeling so sick she almost fainted, but even so, she would never be able to stand in full sunlight without some pain.

She surprised herself by not missing it all that much. Everything she got in return easily outweighed the loss of the sun. As if thinking about him had brought him to her, she felt the connection between her and Lucian grow warm and bloom within her chest, unfolding tendrils of arousal through her body. She didn’t have to fight it. She turned with a smile to meet him. She could let herself feel the love running through their bond.

Lucian stood in the doorway, his wide shoulders almost brushing either side. He strode towards her, and she felt a thrill of desire at the sight of him. He ran his hand up her arm and bent his head to capture her lips in a kiss. His other arm slid around her body, and she relaxed into his embrace.

“There you are.”

“Here I am,” she replied with a smile. “I was just exploring.”

He looked around the room. “Things will change here.”

“Do you think Radiance or any of the other Bloodlines will try to attack your position again?”

“They will,” Lucian said wryly. “If there is one thing you can rely on with vampires, it’s that they always want more power, but we will be ready to face them when they do.”

Dana smiled, rested her head against his chest. “I like this room. It’s quiet.”

“We could make it your receiving room.”

“Who am I going to receive?” She laughed, looking up at him.

Lucian looked down at her seriously. “You’re my mate. People will want to try and curry your favor.”

Dana frowned, “I’m not so good with people.”

Lucian grinned, “Then tell them to go away. You can do as you like.”

“Whatever I like, huh?” She finger-walked up his chest. “I think I know exactly what, I mean who I’d like to do,” she said suggestively, feeling a ridiculous thrill at the knowledge that this gorgeous male was responding to her. She could feel his desire, always a low hum between them, suddenly come roaring free.

He lifted her like she weighed nothing and wrapped her legs around him. She clutched him close, throwing her head back, as he kissed his way across her collarbone. “What if someone comes in?” She gasped.

“Let them,” Lucian growled. He carried her to the window and pressed her up against it, the glass cold on her back, quickly growing warm in response to the heat of her body.

Anyone could see, she thought with a dirty thrill. He swiftly unbuttoned his pants and pressed inside her. Buoyed up by their shared arousal, she felt her fangs drop into her mouth, felt the aching need to bite down. She dragged him towards her. “I want to bite you,” she whispered.

“Do it,” he said, his fangs flashing.

He leaned forward and bit down into her throat. She screamed in pleasure, then rocked forwards, sinking her fangs into his neck.

Blood flowed through them, pleasure looping between them, their hearts beating as one. Their desire thickening and folding over them like the coils of a snake. Rising and climbing until it crashed over them with enough force to leave their bodies trembling.

She clutched him until the tremors subsided, then slid down his body, her oversensitive skin still tingling. She felt shaky, unable to trust her voice, her knees weak. She could barely keep herself upright.

Every touch between them was electric, aftershocks flickering through her. This was what it was like, having a soulmate. Being with Lucian, she felt unstoppable.

When Dana finally had her breath back, she pushed away from the window, tugging the curtain back guiltily.

“Well, I’m glad we checked out this room,” she said, flicking a glance over her shoulder at Lucian. “But you know, there are ten more rooms on this side of the building I haven’t looked at yet.”

Lucian grinned, flashing his fangs, and offered Dana his hand, drawing her into the heat of his body until she was surrounded by the male scent of him.

“Then we should check those other rooms.” Lucian ran his eyes down her body, taking in her sated look. “Ensure they meet with your… satisfaction.”

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